2022 Massachusetts Ballot Questions

Summarizing our findings on all four ballot questions:

  1. A Millionaires Tax
  2. New Rules for Dental Insurance
  3. Alcohol Sales at Chain Stores
  4. Driver's Licenses for Unauthorized Immigrants

Maximizing the Impact of Tax Cuts

To help lawmakers assemble the most effective package of tax cuts, we have assembled this policy brief with key principles and concrete examples.

Making the Most of the American Rescue Plan

Massachusetts is about to get a massive infusion of federal dollars from the American Rescue Plan (ARP), and lawmakers will have to decide — relatively quickly — what areas to prioritize and how to ensure a fair and efficient process.

Creative Ways for Massachusetts to Provide Economic Aid

With the economy in turmoil and unemployment spiking, businesses and families across Massachusetts need emergency aid. Unfortunately, the state can’t easily provide that support because it faces its own crisis: a budget shortfall likely to be measured in billions of dollars.